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John Bardsley Inc. creates unique interior spaces for both residential and commercial clients, in styles ranging from classic to fresh and contemporary. Regardless of the look, John's designs always emphasize comfort. The goal is not to impose a signature "John Bardsley style," but to make each space feel as though the residents created the environment themselves after years of thoughtful collecting. Each project is approached with the belief that it should reflect the client's unique vision of function, comfort and beauty.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, John got his start in the design field at Polo/Ralph Lauren, creating showrooms for the Ralph Lauren Home Collection. There, he worked in a range of styles from traditional to modern. After three years, he moved to Mark Hampton Inc., where he became a Designer, creating both residential and commercial spaces. He spent the next five years further refining his approach to design, before launching John Bardsley Inc. in 1999.

Today, John Bardsley Inc. brings together a talented team of Designers, Architects, and Project Managers, offering a full range of interior design services.